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Horse rides

Who would resist the enchanting horse rides in a splendid nature or rides in a snowy winter countryside? We offer you rides on our horses all the year round. You can just walk on the green meadows with a skilled rider, go through the autumn leaves or wade through the glittering snow on snowy roads. Every season has its own charm, so don’t wait and visit us to learn if the view from a horseback is really the most wonderful.

After the ride in summer you can relax on a terrace by the clubroom and fresh up. From the terrace there is a view right on a sand riding hall, where horse and rider training takes place.

Horse ride cost is 400,- CZK/per hour,
Horse riding training cost is 500,- CZK/per hour.

no. colour name length ride time speed km/h max. altitude
1. yellow Jezero 9,8 01:35:46 6 720 m
2. grey Skoky, Vysoká Štola 6 01:00:00 6 750 m
3. blue Lužec 6,2 00:54:00 7 720 m
4. red Oldřichov 9,6 01:57:05 5 820 m
5. violet Prosekaná 7,2 00:59:18 7 780 m
6. black Vlčinec 11,4 01:50:46 6 900 m

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