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Horse-riding Club ARTEX

Club ARTEX works in our agrotouristic centre. Artex is Civic Association JK Artex Nejdek and cares about the quality training of club members, organizes summer camps and helps with the training of children attending this summer camp. Within the club there are two instructors available, who constantly work with the club members and help with the training Both instructors are skilled riders and will prepare your children for the competitions and will help them to pass the exams of basic rider training, eventually would advise on choosing the best horse for you kid.

Club members can use the clubroom with a bar and sanitary facilities. Each club member helps with horses and once in a while helps with the weekend services. Club membership costs 200,- CZK per month. From these contributions the club horses, electricity, water, jumping material, hall and trainers are payed.

Club members keep at disposal the horses that they can ride under observation. The duty of members is to look after horses before and after riding, clean the horse, keep clean the stable, saddle room and clubroom and also all the things associated with riding – saddles, bridles, blankets and so on. For members regular trainings and rides in the coutryside are prepared. Little children and beginners start the lessons on a lunge and learn basic skills and to maintain balance on a horse.

In Aghitour stable there are 18 horses stabled.

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