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Agroturistické centrum

Agrotouristic Centre

During the last few years, agrotourism has become very popular and sought-after target of tourists. Come to rest in the countryside, to smell a stable savouring of straw, and to meet the living with horses. We offer wonderful rides, stay on a farm, an insight into the work of the agrotouristic centre and unforgetable holiday in marvellous countryside near the spa town Karlovy Vary. Agrotouristic centre Aghitour is situated in beautiful surrounding of Fojtov near Nejdek. The farm is located about 15 km far from Karlovy Vary. In the Aghitour there are 18 horses stabled.

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Jezdecký oddíl ARTEX

Horse-riding Club ARTEX

Artex cares for quality training of club members, arranges summer camps and helps with the training of children attending this summer camp. Within the club there are two instructors available, they constantly work with the club members and help with the training. Both instructors are skilled riders and will prepare your children for the competitions and will help them to pass the exams of basic rider training, eventually would advise on choosing the best horse for you kid.

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Summer Camp with Horses

Summer Camp with Horses

During summer holidays we organize camps with horses for your children between 8 and 14. You can choose from four terms. On this week stay children will familiarize with the working with horses, they will learn the basics of horse-riding, enjoy plenty of games and competitions, e.g. by the night campfire. During the camp we will also improve their English knowledge. Children will be accomodated in tents by twos. The highest number of children for one term is 16. SUMMER CAMPS ARE PREPARED FOR THE SUMMER 2011!

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